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In 1988, I began developing my skills by doing repairs
on guitars for myself and for friends. As time progressed, my skills and reputation had become well known, in guitars shops across Ontario that utilized my services.

I offer all types of repairs and modifications for your guitar or bass, and work on both acoustic and electric. This is a partial list of repairs and services I offer. If you are interested in anything not listed here, please email or call.

I am an authorized repair service center for: Martin guitars.

Repair Estimates: I will evaluate your guitar and provide you with an estimate of the repairs needed. There is no charge for this service, but we do need to actually see the guitar (not just photos) in order to provide an accurate estimate.

Setups: Setups are often a requested service, and customers are amazed at the difference a proper setup can make to the playability and tone of their instrument. I adjust your instrument to your playing style, and include truss rod adjustment, adjust the action at the bridge and the nut, set the intonation, clean and oil the fingerboard, restring and tune.

Fret Work: I do partial and full re-frets and offer 18% nickel-silver, Evo and stainless steel fret wire. Frets are leveled and re-crowned, along with fret board modifications and radius corrections.

Structural Repairs: This covers everything from bridge reglues, snapped headstock, loose braces, body cracks, binding repair and any other structural problem.

Pickup and Hardware Installations: I provide pickup installations for both acoustic and electric guitars. I do hardware installations including tuners, bridges, and strap lock systems.


This is an example of the work I do just showing a guitar top being replaced in stages







This Martin guitar had a number of splits in the side of the guitar that were right along the top of the kerfing, making it difficult to repair

This poor Takamine had lost its head


Please inquire if you have any repair needs.

To contact Dennis:
Phone # 519-351-4887